Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Some of my readers might remember that I started a soap business with my sister Suvi under the company name Saponina. Even though the customers have loved our soap, the situation right now is that we just don't have the time to handle the manufacturing, storing and the delivery of the soap. We can't run the business part time because it needs to be done in larger scale to be profitable.  So we have decided to run down the production. The question is what to do with all the recipes of our soaps. Maybe we try to publish the recipes in some format... While we are figuring out what to do I thought I'd share my latest soap!

This is 100% olive oil soap made with coconut milk. To make it even more gorgeous I added Aloe Vera powder in it. I added the powder in the oils and then used a beater to mix it in. I was a bit worried that it might not dissolve but it came out ok.

I have saved a few grams of Neroli essential oil for some time and decided that this soap was fine enough to be scented with it. I combined it with lime essential oil and added a few drops of patchouli to fix it. The scent is expensive but sooo lovely.