Sunday, May 30, 2010

LUCKY ACCIDENT - freshly cut!

It was supposed to be a three colour swirl so I divided the batter into three parts. One without colour, one light green & ground almonds and one dark green. After that I added the FO to the one without colour and the light green which resulted in complete seizure. The dark green did not have FO and was really liquid. So I just mashed the seized soap into a mold and once in a while poured the dark green in there to fill the holes. The result is not at all as bad as I anticipated. When it is watered, it looks like green marble!

I think that from now on whenever using fast moving FO I will take a small part of the batter aside so I can pour that in to fill the holes if something happens.

The recipe is formulated on the basis "toss in everything you have left". Even though it has an extremely small amount of hard oils, I was able to cut it after 24 hours in the mold because I used 35% lye concentration.

205 g Sesame oil
150g Canola (rapeseed) oil
110g Apricot Kernel oil
37g Coconut oil
15g Sweet Almond oil

French Green Clay
Ground almonds

7% Super Fat
35% Lye concentration

SoapCalc gives this recipe the following qualities:
Hardenss 15
Cleansing 5
Conditioning 82
Bubbly 5
Creamy 10

Monday, May 17, 2010


I have been soaping with my sister. Let me present her first handmade soaps!

The looks is not what we aimed for. We wanted to make layered soap, something like the "Dreaming of Provence" with flower embeds. Things were going just fine until we added the Lemon Verbena FO by Gracefruit which seized in couple of seconds. Oh well, at least she has now seen what a total seizure is...

The recipe proved to be really good. The lather of this soap is great. It is hard to have the kind of nice thick lather like soaps with palm oil, but I think this one comes really close.

52% Olive oil
34 % Coconut oil
14% Castor oil

40% lye concentration
Lemon Verbena FO
French Green Clay

Cold process

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hooray! I finally managed to make decent looking salt soaps. Here they are!

I used 50% liquids as percent of oils and thus had no trouble with pouring the soap into the mold. They are really smooth, especially hearts, even though I used coarse sea salt.