Sunday, January 31, 2010


This one has all my favorite moisturizing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory oils and butters. For gentle exfoliation, it has ground almonds. The oils, butters and ground almonds I ordered from The Soap Kitchen. I think they have a very good selection of soap making supplies and their international shipping rates are quite easy on the pocket.

250g Cocoa Butter
250g Shea Butter
200g Aloe Butter
200g Evening Primrose Oil
200g Wheat Germ Oil

300ml water
141g NaOH (= 10% super fat)

7 tblsp ground almonds
30g FO Double Cream by Gracefruit

Method: Oven hot process

I added the almonds at trace, because I suspected that it might have been difficult to mix them evenly in the gelled soap. The FO I naturally added after the soap came out of the oven. Even though I added more FO than I usually do, the scent did not came out very strong. That may still change while the soap cures.

Friday, January 22, 2010


400g canola oil (rapeseed)
242g cocoa butter
227g coconut oil
50g castor oil

300ml water
128g Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

10g Mai Tai FO
1/4 red crayon

Method: Oven hot process

I usually measure the oils first and then calculate the lye to meet the actual measurements. So if the measurements don't exactly meet my original idea I just adjust the amount of lye. If you prefer nice round numbers like 240g cocoa butter and 230g coconut oil, use 129g lye to reach the same 5% lye discount as I did with this recipe.

I used only 10g of FO, but the scent came out extremely strong and lasting. I had never before tried to color soap with crayons, so I shaved about 1/4 of a red crayon into my melted oils. Just to see how it would turn out. The color came out as delicate peach. Now after 6 weeks, the bars are not too hard with really nice texture, lather is creamy and generous. The pH is 9. For delicate and dry skin, the soap cleanses maybe too effectively. I use it myself in the kitchen or bathroom. I am now sending out a few bars for my friends to test. Can't wait to hear how they like it!